La Lingua e La Vita

La Lingua e La Vita

On this episode of Life and Language, Alessia Pisicchio explores the Sicilian dialect and why it seems to be dying out in Sicily but expanding in other places in unique ways. She tells her story about what it was like traveling to Sicily and not being able to fully communicate with cousins her age because of the language barrier between proper Italian and the Sicilian Dialect. She continuously became curious as to why this has happened throughout the remainder of the trip. Alongside others perspectives including her mom, Rosalia Pisicchio and cousins Daniela DiSclafani and Giovanni Battista Cangialosi, their stories help express what is happening to the Sicilian Dialect, giving it much needed attention. Throughout modern society in Sicily, it is discovered how the language seems to create a barrier preventing newer generations from using the Sicilian dialect as their primary language. This podcast explores why this occurs and will continue to over future generations. The Sicilian language is dying but, can it be prevented and saved? Music in this episode comes from creators Mario Carbone, Richard Sclafani and Richard Petsi.

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